Lessons from the Range

Lessons from the Range tells the exciting true story of real-life cowboy Gary L. Williams and his adventures as a working cowboy.

As told by Williams, "I reside in San Luis Obispo County, California. Since my wife Elissa wanted me to finally settle down and take up roots, we purchased our home in 1995. I just couldn't give up my dream to be a working cowboy, however. That was when my contract cowboy adventures went into full swing. This book is made up of short stories from early childhood to the present day, still chasing my dream as a working cowboy."

Get the book directly from the author by going to www.cowboydogtrainer.com or contact Gary Williams at (805) 610-1362 or gary@cowboydogtrainer.com.

About the Author

Author Gary L. WilliamsGary L. Williams was born in California but was raised on a ranch in Washington State. He began training dogs and horses at age 12. He continued training horses and dogs for the neighboring ranches after high school and into his twenties. He honed his "cowboy" skills as he focused on his dream and love of horses. Williams is well known for his dog training and horse training. He still sells his now famous McNabs all over the US.


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